Year: 2019

Vintage Gems

Salvaging Vintage Pieces from the ‘Catacombs’ of 110

In this week’s Talk of the Town, the New Yorker gives us a tantalizing description of some of the old fixtures which adorned the inside of our building before the renovation when it still was the “old Board of Ed building,” including old-style fonts, glass partitions, and vintage plumbing. Plus, another perspective on the legendary […]

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Downtown Brooklyn
Neighborhood News

110’s Architectural Sibling: Moynihan Station

This rendering from Ismael Leyva Architects shows us our closest architectural relative, the Farley Post Office building at 33rd Street, which is now being reimagined as a striking new Penn Station. Both the Farley building and 110 were originally designed by McKim, Mead & White, and now are being updated by Ismael Leyva. For those […]

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