Renzo Piano’s 1000-foot Downtown Brooklyn Tower–UPDATE: Plans Scrapped

Renzo Piano New Building

This rendering made us sit up and take notice — it’s the first one we’ve seen of Ratner’s long-rumored City Tech tower at Jay and Tillary Streets downtown. The preliminary work on-site has already begun, according to some.

According to Wikipedia, the building will contain “a large amount of additional classroom and laboratory space, as well as a new gymnasium and theatre facility.” The Daily Eagle reports 600 units of housing will be there as well. The folks over at Wired-NY speculate the spire could top 1000 feet (!). Needless to say, this building could punctuate the Brooklyn skyline dramatically.

UPDATE: the Daily News reports that the rendering above has evolved, and the height of the building hasn’t been finally determined. The Post reports the building itself is likely to top out around 700 feet.

SECOND UPDATE: Curbed and others report that the plans have been scrapped — a shame for the Brooklyn skyline. (Feb. 28, 2008)


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